My photography began as a child in the 1970s with a small compact film camera, tiny negatives, disposable flashes and small prints with rounded corners.  The added cost of film, developing and disposable flashes made it an expensive hobby for a young lad, so in those days we were all a bit more careful about when we pressed the shutter button.

I progressed to an entry level SLR – a 35mm Canon 1000FN in the early 90’s.  Besides the normal colour negative film, I experimented with infra-red black & white landscape photography a bit, as well as slide films and grainy black and white images.  Unfortunately, the ongoing costs were digging into my beer money and before long I reverted to a compact camera for just occasional snaps.

A decade or so of not much photography passed and I eventually caught up with the digital age in 2002.  I progressed through various digital compacts, ending up in 2009 with my first digital SLR, a Canon 550D.  By 2012 I had discovered an interest in wildlife photography, and my trusty 550D was almost guaranteed to be paired with a Canon EF-L 100-400 lens.

2013 saw my 550D replaced with a Canon 7D.  Although the 7D shares a very similar sensor (and thus image quality) with the 550D, it has a far superior autofocus system which along with other features makes it more suitable for wildlife photography.

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