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In October 2015 the last airworthy Vulcan bomber, XH558, will fly no more.  14 months ago I wouldn't have cared less, but now, in her final month I must admit a twinge of sadness at seeing her go to ground forever.

Goodbye HX558.  I forgive you for sneaking up on me on Walbury Hill, 14 months ago, near scaring the life out of me when I didn't see you coming. I was hooked from then on...

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Ethical Photography

Do you consider yourself a Wildlife photographer?  The description is far more than simply someone who takes a set of photographs of a wild animal. 

Creating an image of an animal acting normally in its natural habitat is key.  But how you get that image is what sifts the true wildlife photographers out from the crowd...

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wwwebsite! :)

Welcome to my new website! The old one expired a few months ago, so it's about time I got onto replacing it.  I'm still working on it, so it'll continue being 'tweaked' and added to as and when I get time on the computer...

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