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In October 2015 the last airworthy Vulcan bomber, XH558, will fly no more.  14 months ago I wouldn't have cared less, but now, in her final month I must admit a twinge of sadness at seeing her go to ground forever.

Goodbye HX558.  I forgive you for sneaking up on me on Walbury Hill, 14 months ago, near scaring the life out of me when I didn't see you coming.  I was hooked from then on.

Goodbye XH558.  It was great to see you this year in more organised displays at Yeovilton & Fairford, and hear the howl of your engines, and see the adoration from everyone there.

Goodbye XH558.  Even though the last 4 times I'd gone to see you pass overhead, you decided to deviate slightly from your route and I watched from the wrong hill.  Forgiven.

55 years old, and you still look like something from the future..

The last airworthy Vulcan bomber, XH558, circuits Middle Wallop airfield as part of her Farewell Tour on Sunday 11th October 2015.